Co-founder Joseph Prosnitz was inspired to invent Stride to solve his own challenges with fitness. Joseph has juvenile arthritis related to his Crohn’s disease. This got in the way of training for the long distance triathlon and cycling he loves. He realized he could provide the most popular forms of low impact physical fitness in one machine to help people who also struggle to stay healthy. Through this, Stride was born.

Stride is a patented fitness machine that transforms into different workout machines. The base model today switches between elliptical and exercise bike in about 30 seconds. The transformation process is very simple: 1. Switch the pedals, 2. Switch the seat, 3. Switch the handle bars, Go! In the future we plan to bring other forms of fitness to you all in the compact space and price point of one machine.

Not only are we building an excellent machine, we are combining the best of health and fitness on one social platform. Race or do group classes with your friends, monitor your progress, and get help from fitness trainers and health service professionals. This platform is open to anyone who wants to provide motivation and support to all of our Striders.